Life is long and nutrion must be properly chosen in accordance with life standards and personal goals.


The way you cook is important for a healthy lie style. Quick food is very healthy if it is not fried with low quality oils or boiled too long, but simply cooked by heating and preferably without yeast.

Reducing yeast is a great way to keep healthy.

It is in fact at the base of a specific diet against negative mycosis in the belly and body. It is challenging as it requires to change habits, but, practically, it is an easy way for the daily cooking.

You may also reduce gluten. Sometimes you can use natural gluten contained in food to let it raise a bit or pump up with heating. It happens for example with pancakes: they raise up for the combination of oat flour, eventually egg white, without the need of yeast.

It all goes on chemistry as many things in life. Someone called it “Alchemy”, the same ingredient for sex and love.

Food can be cooked with simple eating and the rising effect can be achieved with egg white.

Yes, heating. The advantage to cook without yeast, that mainly needs oven and hours of preparation, is to use simple recipes is that you can cook in a short time using heating by contact and preserving as long as possible nutrient of natural ingredients.

Basic recipe, as modified for sport, is almost the same for crêpes, where the rising of the glue is given by egg white, not yeast.

Cooking with single metal Plate

This is the most practical and affordable way to cook, the one of the French crêpes, only needing to turn the dough upside or, eventually, one cover to benefit from heating.

It is essential that it is made either of stone or of a special kind of metal si that it has an anti adherent effect and you will not need to use a lot of fats for the cooking. Steel is not ok. Normal pans are not ok.

You only need five minutes to create nice and tasty tiles that you can fold into two or four or even roll, then garnish with fruits and creams.

Cooking with double metal Plates

I will show you hereunder how I used the double cooking plates of a traditional Italian food, for pancakes.

I do not even have fire, as most people in Northern Europe, but electric surface. I do not even have oven, therefore I have developed a whole way of healthy, tasty and sometimes artistic cooking without fire and oven.

If you correctly prepare the “glue” or “dough” you really can create nice things. For example, these little pancakes can easily become desserts or biscuits with little variants.

In comparison to crepes, getting cooked on one single plate, pancake would need to cook both sides contemporarily, therefore a double cooking plate is great.

Pancake can be also salty. If you cook it changing flour and ingredients (follow my post on crepes) you will have a kind of bread.

They call it “street food”, as “fast food” is already “taken” by hamburger, so I would simply call it “QC” (quality quick cooking) food, no matter if in the street or at home.

For instance, you can open them and fill them with protein cream or put a slice of roasted fruit inside and eat it.

Due to their thin shape, dough and cooking method, I would call them “Cake Tiles”.

Bread can be cooked even among plates of Firestone. In Italy we have a special electric engine to cook a dough, similar to bread, but needing only ten minutes cooking. This one can be validly used to cook in place of traditional oven for “flat brad” that we call “focaccia”. The secret lays in the dough and in the adherence of the surface.

Cooking with Firestone, single or double plates

The cooking with Firestone can be single, as for traditional pizza, or double, as for traditional crescentine.

The Firestone is heaten electrically in a basic engines opening as a big book and portable as a suitcase, easily removable from any place.

As Firestone absorbs, you have to respect a couple of tricks, unless someone starts creating non adherent stone plates (technically possible with stone rose ceramic surface).

Either you prepare the dough with yeast, as per traditional Italian recipe, either you put unhaderent sheets on the stone plates (the same sheets you put in the oven to prevent bakery to attach to pan’s perimeter walls). Easy.

A “thin way” with glue, without double surface touch, obtaining a kind of thin dried crepes not to be turned upside but dressed like a pizza. You only have to manage the leaking on borders.

If you feel like using yeast, then the traditional Italian recipe is perfect as it is.

On the single plate, you can cook really a lot of food and use it in place of many pans.

I use to roast fruit and vegetables. I should have one for sweet food and one for salty. It is a good cooking rule to have double tools, not to mix flavors.

That said, on the plate you can quickly roast vegetables, in order to keep their properties.

A great one is cauliflower. Low in calories with neutral taste, strong for cancer prevention, it can be coupled very well with fish, such as shrimps, chicken, cereals like miles, even pasta and other vegetables. If you put it on the plate with Triple Sec, rosemary, pfeffer and salt, it will be nice both for fish and chicken. If you do not have triple sec, you can easily replace with grated lemon zest and some cachaca. Only a spoon of oil needed. Roasted it does not release the same smell as when steamed.

As a general rule, roasted vegetables and fruit do not have the time to release strong smells.Organic and natural nutrition’s strength lays in the precautionary approach and preventive care usage as natural products need to be cooked and absorbed before getting directly to cell. Integrators and supplements are extracts, conceives to feed immediately with hydration or energy, without long digestive process. Therefore, supplements, such as proteins, are great to achieve specific goals and  need to be used with awareness.

Desserts with Proteins

No great cooking needed. Very easy and healthy. You can prepare the pudding with simple:

  • cocoa powder;
  • almond milk;
  • give special taste with coffee grains or coconut or liquors or grated chocholate Bar;
  • casein progein for cream.

This is easy, wonderfully tasty and wonderfully healthy, ideal for people practicing sports.

You could also prepare the creamy mousse and put it for only half an hour in the freezer. Simply nice, to be then served with some fruits, spcices or coffee or toasted cereals with honey or maple syrop.  You simply need a nice shaper to put them in. Consider that powder proteins are different, therefore it makes a great difference if you choose the ones from: 1) whey, 2) casein; or 3) beans (vegan). The ones you see hereunder come from different protein powders. Results are very different! The same applies to flours mix.

Plumcakes and Biscuits in Oven with special silicon shaping container

Without yeast you can prepare even nice plumcake and biscuits. It all goes on quantities and cooking time. I would not suggest the “microwaves” way used on a regular base, as results are always either “gummy” or “dry”. Time is not inferior to crêpes. Therefore, No comparison with normal oven or crêpes on single, but if your goal is to make some biscuits with particular shape, for food designing, then in 6 minutes you can have some plumcake for friends.

Thanks to the special silicon shaping container, a similar result can be reached putting the container in the pan, instead than in the oven. Nobody pays me to say you do not need a oven unless you are a real chef, wanting to create special courses.

I practice sport, I also used to cook in oven, but I stopped. I created a whole way of healthy cooking without oven. Food, in oven, usually needs more oils, butters, and raising Agents as yeast.

The small plumcake and biscuits hereunder have been created in the stone pan, thanks to the special silicon shaping container.

Practicing variety is always a good way to keep the body challenged. Life is long and Variable.