Bread, without yeast and oven, and pancake

For long I have been undecided on the title to this writing, that describes what is to me a revolutionary recipe.  I will not respect the rules of copywriting and attention to SEO to ensure that this post conquers the largest possible number of readers, so I hope this recipe of mine will make its … More Bread, without yeast and oven, and pancake


Push-ups are one of the essential and most commonly practiced exercises since ever.  There is a main good reason to do them: they fully engage the upper body, from core to neck, with one movement. Many fitness assessments use them to test the individual’s physical strength and endurance. Most workout routines include push-ups in their … More Push-ups

4 ragioni per fare squat

Dall’inglese “to squat”, accovacciarsi, un esercizio che non viene tradotto, per l’autorevolezza con cui si è affermato nella pratica del bodybuilding e del fitness. Gli squat sono l’esercizio perfetto per potenziare la parte inferiore del corpo. Compiere uno squat consiste nel piegare le ginocchia per abbassare i fianchi da una posizione eretta, come se si stesse … More 4 ragioni per fare squat

3 benefici dei sit-up

Quasi intraducibili, ormai affermatisi con il nome descrittivo inglese, i “sit-up” sono un tipo di esercizio per gli addominali, che prevede, come da traduzione letterale, che si parta da una posizione seduta con il busto basso – “sit” – per alzarlo “up”. Al mattino, subito dopo il risveglio, la sera o anche appena prima di … More 3 benefici dei sit-up


  Impossibile tradurre in italiano, con una sola ed efficace parola, l’ormai mondiale “planking” che, derivante da “plank”, – tavola, panca, fasciame,- descrive il movimento che compiamo  con il nostro corpo, mettendoci per terra appoggiati sui gomiti e sulle punte dei piedi in posizione di tensione statica, proprio come una tavola. Il mondo del fitness … More Planking

Yoga with weights

I’ve been surfing the web in all directions to find a kind of training I’ve been practising for more than one year with incredible results, and the only similar reference I could find is on YogaDownload and it is called Yoga with Weights.  Well, it is similar. I used to put weights to ankles and … More Yoga with weights

About Wellness

The web is crowded of people talking about wellness by different point of views. Which are the disregarded issues, the topics of which a few people talk, but that would raise Your curiosity? This poll is anonymous, so you can express freely. Thank you for your contribution.  

Healing use of spices

A current theory, called Neutraceutic, aims to heal the body by eating the right food. This theory works. As people develop intolerances or allergies so that food can become an enemy, other diseases can be healed or prevented by inputting the right food in the right quantity. Hereafter a shortlist of some use of spices. … More Healing use of spices