Muscles definition from free body activity

Today I was inspired by a very technical post on Instagram from Project Invictus. Bodyweight can grow muscle mass by combining a specific protein diet (protein powders and BCAAs) with high intensity training in which body weight is used as leverage instead of the commonly understood weights. In certain positions, lifting or keeping your body … More Muscles definition from free body activity

The gym skyline

Many people publish great pictures of landscapes lost in the mountains or at the sea, or of cities as seen from skyscrapers. It is great, but there’s one more landscape made of heights and valleys and it is what you see when sitting on a gym machine. You can see a different skyline, a different … More The gym skyline

Yoga per principianti

Mi è stato chiesto di scrivere un articolo sullo yoga per principianti. Compito impegnativo, in quanto c’è abbondanza di letteratura su questo argomento. Cercherò di essere il più concisa ed efficace possibile. Prima di tutto: perché avvicinarsi allo yoga invece che fare esercizi di stretching? E perché integrare fitness o altri sport con lo yoga? … More Yoga per principianti

Yoga for beginners

I’ve been asked to write on yoga for beginners according to my experience. Challenging task, as there is plenty of literature on this topic. I will try to be as concise and effective as possible. First of all: why approaching yoga instead of stretching? Why integrating fitness or other sports with yoga? The answer is … More Yoga for beginners

Face exercises

Have you ever noticed that fitness and sport workouts terminate at the neck as if the face were not part of the body? Well, face contains over fifty different muscles, someone says 57, that are rarely used and never exercised.  The muscles of the face are no different from the muscles of the rest of … More Face exercises

Champions over sixty

Two people over sixty have challenged natural and cultural limits setting incredible  records. Seeing that someone has managed to do something is perhaps the greatest stimulus to compare with others, to challenge those limits that we believe we have and that we have accepted for wisdom, comfort or laziness, ceasing to improve ourselves. The stereotypes … More Champions over sixty


Push-ups are one of the essential and most commonly practiced exercises since ever.  There is a main good reason to do them: they fully engage the upper body, from core to neck, with one movement. Many fitness assessments use them to test the individual’s physical strength and endurance. Most workout routines include push-ups in their … More Push-ups

4 ragioni per fare squat

Dall’inglese “to squat”, accovacciarsi, un esercizio che non viene tradotto, per l’autorevolezza con cui si è affermato nella pratica del bodybuilding e del fitness. Gli squat sono l’esercizio perfetto per potenziare la parte inferiore del corpo. Compiere uno squat consiste nel piegare le ginocchia per abbassare i fianchi da una posizione eretta, come se si stesse … More 4 ragioni per fare squat