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Maintenance Diet: a comparison between shredded and bulk BodyBuilding

After the weight loss, a maintenance programme becomes necessary to integrate in normal daily life and continue to gain mass only where wished. Premise: my extreme diet was thought for a 163 cm body with medium bones of a 40 years old individual. It is therefore easy to understand that bodies of 189 cm or … More Maintenance Diet: a comparison between shredded and bulk BodyBuilding

Muscoli a corpo libero

È da molto tempo che avrei voluto scrivere un articolo su questo argomento. Oggi sono stata ispirata da un post molto tecnico su Instagram da Project Invictus. A corpo libero si può crescere la massa muscolare combinando una alimentazione proteica specifica (proteine in polvere e BCAA) con un allenamento ad alta intensità in cui si … More Muscoli a corpo libero


Push-ups are one of the essential and most commonly practiced exercises since ever.  There is a main good reason to do them: they fully engage the upper body, from core to neck, with one movement. Many fitness assessments use them to test the individual’s physical strength and endurance. Most workout routines include push-ups in their … More Push-ups

Yoga with weights

I’ve been surfing the web in all directions to find a kind of training I’ve been practising for more than one year with incredible results, and the only similar reference I could find is on YogaDownload and it is called Yoga with Weights.  Well, it is similar. I used to put weights to ankles and … More Yoga with weights