Muscles definition from free body activity

Today I was inspired by a very technical post on Instagram from Project Invictus. Bodyweight can grow muscle mass by combining a specific protein diet (protein powders and BCAAs) with high intensity training in which body weight is used as leverage instead of the commonly understood weights. In certain positions, lifting or keeping your body … More Muscles definition from free body activity

Muscoli a corpo libero

È da molto tempo che avrei voluto scrivere un articolo su questo argomento. Oggi sono stata ispirata da un post molto tecnico su Instagram da Project Invictus. A corpo libero si può crescere la massa muscolare combinando una alimentazione proteica specifica (proteine in polvere e BCAA) con un allenamento ad alta intensità in cui si … More Muscoli a corpo libero

The gym skyline

Many people publish great pictures of landscapes lost in the mountains or at the sea, or of cities as seen from skyscrapers. It is great, but there’s one more landscape made of heights and valleys and it is what you see when sitting on a gym machine. You can see a different skyline, a different … More The gym skyline