Travelling short list

Travelling all around I often admired Americans, as they were capable to stay outside for months with only a luggage. How was that possible? Shoes needs space, fashion items need space. Therefore I started to think to the best suitcase and finally I got to it. Washing the essential and combinations are the key factors.  … More Travelling short list

About sweeteners

Researches on sweeteners are still on going. The only sureness is that sweeteners impact on belly bioma and bacteria, therefore they can easily generate air. Bacteria impact on food absorption and energy creation. I found my strategy through many tests. To avoid digestive problems and air in the belly. I have to take different behaviors. … More About sweeteners

Contemporary drinks

Contemporary drinks for fasting and energy  People who can not drink alcohol, are not condemned to renounce to tasty soft drinks. You do not need to be a bartender or to go to a cocktail bar to have a good drink. Some combinations are magic and can be realized at home. Just try the following: … More Contemporary drinks

Cooking strategies: from tradition to temptation

How to transform a traditional recipe into a wellness recipe for sport and pleasures needs.  Translation soon available in English *** Il fico maturo è un frutto che mi piace moltissimo, al punto da arrampicarmi sulle piante degli altri per raccoglierli. Quelli che iniziano ad appassire, poi, sono straordinari perché hanno la dolcezza del fico … More Cooking strategies: from tradition to temptation

My Breakfast

My breakfasts are usually very rich. I have two kind of breakfast and alternate them: an energizing one, based in coffee, and a detoxing antioxidant one, based in ginger and lemon, depending on what I have to do during the day or on what I did the day before. When I go coffee, I simply: … More My Breakfast