Testing food

Testing food is a long ant time wasting activity. You can not eat big quantities. Only small ones. And you need to have a clean mouth and mind. My testing usually reach around 6 – 10 tests per time. I combine small quantities of around 4 different food each time. I usually stop either when … More Testing food

About sweeteners and how to use them

The world of sweeteners is very wide. I tested many of them in various ways through the years in different recipes with attentions to healthy goals. Sweeteners can be divided into three main categories: those deriving from fruits and vegetables, Syntetized in laboratory and honeys. Among the first ones, I successfully firstly replaced white refined … More About sweeteners and how to use them

How to create or enrich your basic proteins for mass gaining and endurance

It is all very simple. Take your milk for babies, naturally enriched with vitamins and enzymes, or take other proteins on the market, and add your magic mix of grated nuts (containing proteins and carbs). You can add grated coconut and almonds. Peas, chickpeas can not be added as they need cooking. They would be … More How to create or enrich your basic proteins for mass gaining and endurance

The war prices and products differentiation

It is not true that in supermarkets you spend less. It depends on products. As far as specific integrators are concerned, the offer by supermarkets and pharmacies is less wide, with lower quantities, lower quality and higher prices. But you find single elements. I nutrition shops you hardly find each of them separately. You find … More The war prices and products differentiation

My bank details

Welcome, Hereafter (IBAN) of MONTORSI CHIARA for any payment : IT07I0200866512000420822168 Country: IT CIN/EU: 07 CIN/IT: I ABI: 02008 CAB: 66512 Account C/C: 00000420822168 BIC/SWIFT: UNCRITM181V Thank you for your appreciation. For different payment method, use, at your convenience: – PayPal.me/chimart – PostePay no. 4023600948106168 – Mooney by Sisal Intesa 4810 0000 0027 9358 See … More My bank details

My veggies shortlist

Vegetables are a lot, but I selected only some which are very versatile and rich both in taste and properties. –avocados (all seasons, ideal for smashed sauces, full of Omega 3 and useful fats ) – cucumber (fresh in slices for combinations with Kebap and red meats, or for smoothies and skin) – white cauliflower … More My veggies shortlist