5 High Protein recipes for trained weight watchers and fresh food lovers

The web is full of healthy recipes and choosing becomes hard sometimes. The reason why you should try ours is that: You can cook them in 5 minutes with a simple plate; Fresh Ingredients are international and can be found in any good supermarket even in small cities; They all are very digestive and tasteful. … More 5 High Protein recipes for trained weight watchers and fresh food lovers

Champions over sixty

Two people over sixty have challenged natural and cultural limits setting incredible  records. Seeing that someone has managed to do something is perhaps the greatest stimulus to compare with others, to challenge those limits that we believe we have and that we have accepted for wisdom, comfort or laziness, ceasing to improve ourselves. The stereotypes … More Champions over sixty

Campioni over 60

  L’esempio degli altri è uno dei fattori di convincimento più forti. Vedere che qualcuno è riuscito a fare qualcosa è forse il più grande stimolo a confrontarci, mettendo in discussione quei limiti che crediamo di avere e che per saggezza, comodità o pigrizia abbiamo accettato, smettendo di migliorarci. Gli stereotipi dell’età e del sesso … More Campioni over 60

About Wellness

The web is crowded of people talking about wellness by different point of views. Which are the disregarded issues, the topics of which a few people talk, but that would raise Your curiosity? This poll is anonymous, so you can express freely. Thank you for your contribution.  

Travelling short list

Travelling all around I often admired Americans, as they were capable to stay outside for months with only a luggage. How was that possible? Shoes needs space, fashion items need space. Therefore I started to think to the best suitcase and finally I got to it. Washing the essential and combinations are the key factors.  … More Travelling short list