It all starts with the shopping list




Enhancing Nutrion means:

1) selecting the best foods, being functional to the enhancement of your body,

2) setting the best cooking method,

3) adapt quantities to real daily needs and keep a consistent attitude, abandoning any traditional recipe or comfortable meal, if necessary,

4) integrating, if necessary, with new foods, integrators included, if needed for your goals;

5) finding strategies, urban or country to keep your nutrion enhanced while traveling through the world or living in the city, as nutrition is connected with life style and environment.

EnhancedNutrition comes from a specific combination of nutrients, having easy digestion as one of the main principles, proteins as leading element, from fresh biodynamic fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, highest quality of meats, integrators as needed.

The final result must be a body, becoming enhanced in performances at any time of the day, stronger at immunitary system level and more beautiful at aesthetics level, not needing pharmaceuticals if not occasionally.

Stategies to keep fit are easy. You must know your needs and give your body what it needs for the day. Certain products are never dangerous for your weight watching, usually fresh smoothies and milkshakes. You can find them almost anywhere. Then, bringing with your a protein bar or some nuts can help you to face any situation. Then, if you can control at least half of the day, you are fine.

About calories, as it is difficult to control them precisely, it is more practical to use some parameter and to set ranges of variation. For  example you can  count from 300 to 600 for hamburger and sandwiches according to garnish and cooking, around 500 for pasta dishes, around 200 for milkshakes, around 100 for smoothies, around 100 for sweet energy drinks, under 100 for various cappuccinos, coffees, juices. Alcohol is apart. Each cocktail or glass o wine is very different.

“We are what we eat” UNO statement

“We are what we absorb” TED Talkings Conference

Your future starts  within the shopping list” (ipse  dixit)

True, we are what we eat and absorb not only in terms of food but of culture. According to an ancient saying, our body is the result of what we did in the past up to our present. Our heart and mind will shape the future.

Psicologically speaking, when going on diet, the most difficult problem is “fullfillment”, that in Italian goes with “soddisfazione” which is more than “fullness – sazietà”.

Usually, dietists keep people strict with quantities and people do not get that final sensation of fullfillment that is the main reason why people eat. Yes, we do not eat to survive, but to get satisfaction.

For this reason, a valuable nutrition method needs to find a way to fulfill the taste and the belly. Without satisfaction in the belly, people can not get relaxed and become nervous or anxious. This is the reason why many people smoke. The pojnt is that feeling fulfilled does not coincide with losing weight or getting sculpted. You can eat all the garcinia Cambodia of the world, but it won’t work as it should, as fullfillment comes from taste and neuronal response to taste, not from unflavored stuff expanding in your belly.

For this reason, the right nutrition method is the one that allows you to have the taste you need and immediately communicate to your brain that you are feeling satisfied. Delays in communication between body and brain, due to bad digestion, pollution or other problem, will make you eat more than you need and gain weight.

For this reason, I created recipes that are designed to have this effect: making you feel fulfilled, shortly.

Involving other senses helps fulfillment, therefore perfumes and view of food design will enhance your sensation and make you eat less, giving your body what it needs to be performing all the day.

Basing on these simple assumptions from physics and philosophy, having a look to my life and wanting to create benefit from my experiences, I started writing these thoughts as much as scientific as possible, still with a narrative and fair reading style.

I created a nutrition method inspired to proteins for sports practitioners, whose main principles are valid for a wide range of people and can be easily customized.

If you are interested to my method and recipes, you can read what is free in this blog and, if you feel comfortable with my approach, you can write an email with your specific’needs.