No muscle works in isolation” Yoga Anatomy

“EnhancedYoga” is a training style, designed to enhance muscles, heart and flexibility, arising  from the combination of some  yoga flows, with repetitions typical of fitness, with addition of weight to ankles and wrists.

The body never stops moving from beginning to end of the functional flow, alternating isometric positions of endurance and repetitions, made challenging by weights to ankles.

Basic movements are simple, as simple is kicking a ball or lifting a weight. What makes the difference is the flow itself, the number of repetitions, the seconds of endurance, and, the weight you apply to your arms and legs. Each position can be made at different level of perfection as it happens in any sport where a champion does it better. This training style gradually and harmfully leads to body sculpting.

Notwithstanding the theories of muscles isolation of fitness equipments and body building, muscles can not work in isolation. You can not completely isolate, you can only “mainly” isolate. Any movement you do even with one leg or one arm involves back and/or AB as a lifting base.

I realized this personally and throughout friends, experiencing backbends and muscles hurts, even when working in isolation.
This training style isolates muscles inside isometric flows, therefore, while sculpting body, it has also healing effects on one side and enhancing on the other, as it corrects bad postures and stimulates even internal organs, inducing inner passive and active massage.

This training method considers extensors and flexors together without isolating single muscles, but isolating body parts, mainly working on axis and isometrics. It has in common with body building the slow movements for balance and strength effort required by weight lifitng. It supports for strength sport preparation or helps for stretching after hard trainings.

A great aspect of EnhancedYoga is that it is without gymshoes, therefore each session is also a foot massage session and internal organs are stimulated by the activity on the earth.

It is very important to practice enhanced yoga  on parquet. Unfortunately, other kind of pavements, such as tiles, are too hard for regular training and impact on joints and on back. Then, the mat becomes very important at this stage, as the perfect mat would be very subtle and with a polymeric side and a cork one, but the pavement matters, too, therefore on a tile pavement you might use a higher mat, being more than 1 cm, to amortize movements, without sinking. Technically, around 1 cm the mat is for Pilates, not for yoga.

EnhancedYoga can be practiced almost anywhere and intensity can vary upon life moments. It can be practiced even without weights.

Conceptually, it is all “Body Building”, in one case with weight lifting inside a circuit of muscles isolation, while in the second case it is rather a body weight lifting inside a flow of isometric movements.

The difference of EnhancedYoga from any traditional yoga style is the aim, the challenge, the philosophy: you train to specifically enhance your body not only to feel healthy and flexible or comfortable.

EnhancedYoga is a strength training at all effects, impacting on back – lumbar and spinal – and brest more than on every other part of the body, with attention to flexibility. Whatever you do, with EnhancedYoga you will develop first a strong back and a strong flexible core, then legs and finally arms. AB and belly being always trained inside the isometric flows, they have a specific session, though.
To keep muscles, it needs specific protein nutrition and to keep performance high, it can be simply integrated with some jumping rope, bike, swimming or short running.

Introducing repetitions with ankle weights, rather than waiting for long and slow session, the body will be sculpted, increasing mass as much as possible within a flexibility flow with repetitions.
In this context, EnhancedYoga  sets the limit of weights to the body isometrics, as you never sit on a plank, nor use helper or other equipments, such as outriggers or “matrix all in one” or rubber bands to support your body. Your body supports itself and lays on the ground, always, either on feet or on hands.

One great aspect of EnhnacedYoga is twisting with weights inside a flow. Twisting, in the fitness world, being practiced mainly with kettlebells, without flows.

Summing up: blood is pumped upside down more times in a short time, therefore this training method can be defined, definetely, a high intense flexibility flow. Combined with regular aerobic activity it seriously enhances body.

See a demo on /vimeo