I daily train at home, mixing methods. I needed  more than one year to reach these straight lines. Body lines are the result of flexibility and strength together.

It might be considered a kind of interval training, alternating high intense and stretching or cardio sessions.

For the stretching I inspire to yoga as when I understood that flows and Asanas make the body aim to geometrical sequence connection that is the real source of renewable energy. It is very challenging and hard. On one side you need muscles, on the other you need utmost flexibility to reach that particular point of balance where your own weight becomes lightness.

You can train muscles in many positions where each part of the body becomes heavier for balance and geometrical reasons.

To make my training more effective, transitioning from sport and fitness, I created a style that I called “EnhancedYoga“: a flow of movements taken from Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha, Martial Arts (such as Tai Chi and Ju Jitsu) and Dancing poses (such as skating), that has great impact on the body in terms of traction and strengthening thanks to the integration of Weights to ankles, eventually also to wrists, plus brick and ball, changing the balance and effort of the body. It is highly impacting in terms of pressure on spinal discs and joints. EnhancedYoga is conceived as a yogic flow. Certain asanas May include repetitions, which is particularly useful for people transitioning from fitness, to support the change to from “repetition inside functional circuit with pauses” to “continuous flow”.

The more the body acquires awareness and preciseness, the more it becomes a flow, an enhanced yoga flow. It is progressive as it becomes more difficult and adds the most difficult movements only after having reached a reasonably good level of both strength and flexibility.




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I published on my FB profile day by day all the instructors that I found interesting and from which I learnt and took inspiration.

Special thanks to everybody inspiring me in this creative journey that I am proposing as part of my training method.

I could suggest you many great instructors on the web according to your needs, from calisthenics to yoga, having very different approach to body, exercise, style, music. It is a very wide world. You only need to be fluent in English.

You could also see my videos, then, if you need mote information, write me and ask for a personal training program:

My style is very strengthening and somehow “dangerous”. It is not for everybody. I do not practice it every day. It needs to be alternate with softener styles. Each time I practice it, I need my tissues to rest and rebuild. My style forces where yoga never do.

Please, do not try it unless you already are the equivalent of an athlete. My style puts weight and uses tractions, it has “bodybuilding” and “TRX” effects. It may injure your joints, back bends and harm strings as well as your neck.I will share herunder videos from many great teachers of any yoga style around the world. Please, if you are not hardly trained, follow them, not me.

When you practice yoga or any other activity, you have to ask yourself which body result you want to reach in consideration of your body’s history and current lifestyle. For bodysculpting, unless you do it as I do it, traditional Yoga is not enough, but it is perfect for toning, mobility, stress management, balance, therapeutic effects. The most defined teachers of yoga, as a matter of fact, use yoga to integrate other sports. But if you are a businessman or a lady wanting to keep fit, be sexy and healthy, without being bound to fitness repetitions or sport infrastructure and competition, then go yoga without doubts.

For Italian speaking people, guardate qui il video amatoriale di spiegazione del mio stile: EnhancedYoga spiegato in italiano.


For English speaking people, watch here my introduction to EnhancedYoga

My journey towards yoga began actually very longtime ago, when I was 20 and bought a book called “Asana”. It looked mysterious to me, that’s why I bought it. I scan through it only as I could not understand it. In that period of my life I just went out of home to live university and had some experiences with boxing, capoeira and caraibica dances.

Forgetting that period, ten years later I had a relationship with a man practising the five Tibetans.

Then again seven years later I met Yoga again in a fitness center. I was feeling tired, with lack of strong motivation. I simply wanted to feel well. I met Yoga because, after the practice, it made me fall asleep and better significantly my mobility.

The journey began, seriously early 2017. After a couple of months I had to leave that fitness center where I met “Surya Namaskar” (Sun Salutation) and “Dynamic Yin” Flow for mobility.

Practising at home, following online lessons, I was not satisfied as I felt the need of sports and muscles, of aerobic job, of sweat, of serious effort. Mobility and relaxing was not enough. Therefore I started practising yoga with ankle belts.

I also missed some fitness pump effect, the motivational one, the one that helps you to “push”, therefore I started trying special yoga flows with cardio beat Rythm.

As I have always had a scientific and and filosofical approach to reality, I mixed up my findings following the needs of my body and “EnhancedYoga” magically was born.

It worked. My muscles and mobility said it was good. As per yoga search of connection of body and mind, with that method I really started to feel the connection. More than a series of exercises as per fitness functional philosophy and more than a flow as per yoga approach. It was a body flow engaging mind from beginning to end without any interruption and with specific attention to self perception and balance, enhanced by the need of muscles involvement, beyond the natural achievement of the free body. Music also playing a key role, escorting the mind journey with long waves, while supporting movements and gaving rythm with deep cardio beats. Each session, a strong experience. I need that as I was searching the way to keep fit at home, a way that became each day more serious.

The results where immediate. The day after you could feel the body in the bed and a few weeks later body was simply sculpted.

Mechanically it is very easy to understand: you push and pull your muscles near their limits inside an isometric concept flow, thus combining the mobility effect of the stretch with the strength effort (both eccentric and concentric) of the muscles and the needed balance and concentration to keep new positions or to flow from one to the other.

All in one.

In one session you really had the chance for a total body workout meaning a global abilities training. The “reductio ad unum”. It worked. I continued to mix the various trainings, experiencing gradually a more intense EnhancedYoga and increasing the weights. It worked. I had to admit, it worked. Therefore I felt called by results to take the challenge and started to really make tests and study the method.

My researches went deep into sport practices and I found confirmation in artistic gymnastic, body building, TRX techniques and calisthenics.

All in one my method combines the isometric filosophy of the Yoga approach, with the powerful enhancing training of artistic gym and the specific muscle eccentric and concentric training of body building. The result has been a well sculpted body with important results in mobility, balance and endurance. I dare say it could be good for athletes, too.

Music also plays an important role. Basic flow being escorted by relaxing lounge sounds such as nature, while transitions from asanas and repetitions specifically pushed by cardio beat house music.

This kind of training is high impact and risky to any untrained persons without a sufficient anatomy and mechanic knowledge of human body. As it may happen in gym and sport, the wrong posture combined with weight and movement can seriously enjure a body.

It is not for everybody. It is not therapeutical yoga nor stretching. It is and enhanced yoga method of training for mobility and strength.

Thank you for your time in considering my sperimental training method.

Please find here under lessons from great teachers around the world.

About fusion yoga-taichi see Udaya.

About fusion yoga for women see: aloyoga.

About slow effective yoga for men, see: Yoga with Tim.

About yoga for boxe, see boxingyoga.com

About female training for headstands, see KinoYoga.

About female everyday yoga, see Cat Meffan

This list is in progress.


IT: È da alcuni mesi che mi tengo in forma con un breve riscaldamento di corsa/bicicletta ed una sequenza più o meno intensa e lunga di yoga, a seconda dei casi, stile Vinyasa, Yin, Power, Ashtanga con integrazione di cavigliere, elastici, polsiere e stability ball.

Di seguito un brevissimo video amatoriale di venti minuti di questo tipo di movimento isometrico in cui le catene cinetiche del corpo non vengono spezzate, lasciando fluire l’energia ininterrottamente ed attivando così il metabolismo, sciogliendo rigidità, detossificazione e richiamando la concentrazione.

Una sequenza di questo tipo prepara ottimamente ad un lavoro più specifico di body building. Alcuni di questi esercizi possono essere fatti con diversa durata e sequenza dopo una corsa o altra attività sportiva con finalità mobility e stretching.

Fare esercizio a casa, costringe ad entrare in uno stato mentale di cura di se stessi senza scuse o compromessi. La palestra o la piscina può essere chiusa, ma voi potete fare compiere il vostro rito di benessere.

Il corpo è fantastico, se lo chiami, risponde. Se lo eserciti e lo nutri in modo specifico, cambia.

EnhancedYoga BodyWorkout

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