At the base of fashion, as at the base of cooking, we find “simple” things: tissues, sewings and measures.

Then you have aesthetics: make-up, hair, perfumes and body care.

You can face it both ways: a) starting from measures, therefore working first on fitness and nutrition, or from fashion, therefore b) starting from clothes and Beauty treatments, but for sure you have to find balance in the middle.

When someone asks me for Advisory for nutrition programs, I start the conversation  asking to acquire all antropometric measures, therefore not limiting to standard IMC (body mass index) that I consider the first parameter for health provided by laws of Ministry, height, age, weight, but I also require bones percentage, chest, wrists, even arms, legs and neck.

Yes, even neck, because that measure is important for a good shirt and for dresses cuts. Therefore if you want something more than lose weight and gain a good outfit, you need to eat and train focusing on these measures. You will reach a point where weight will stay “almost the same”, but your body shape and proportion may vary upon your body composition in terms of muscles or water and bones. Final training or dieting can be more challenging as you are now dealing with nuances.

Wellness takes into consideration all these aspects. Wellness is more than being healthy.

Dealing with the global market, unless you learnt your measures by heart, you sometimes need a refresh. Bodies are different across countries and tissues have different performances depending on the body they cover and the model they have been chosen for.

Toughness, elasticity, lightness, transpirancy, heating preserving, dry fitting, H2Out are basic concepts, preliminary to a good choice. To have “a best one” you have to focus on your needs.

The same basic stuff, cotton, silk, wool, can be worked in different ways.

Fashion industry has targets and specializes to fulfill and take care of its clients, therefore buying generic clothes, without attention to use, simply does not helps to nothing more than augmenting confusion.

This is my outfit with different clothes. As a Wellness Coach,  I mainly practice HomeFit. To me, Fashion starts at home. I need to feel comfortable and sexy all day. When I am at home I dress for the comfort of  my day, when I go out I also get dressed to help the relations with others, as fashion plays also an important role in communications and education. Yes, education, because if you pay attention to others and get dressed in accordance with the dress code  of where you are going, you are educating to respect. I do not appreciate those people wanting to have access everything without adapting their outfits, accordingly.

Fashion has also technical aspects. When you practise sports, the style must meet, first, technical requirements. Therefore, sometimes you are fashion not when you are sexy, but when you are technical.