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Contemporary strategies to enhance your life: nutrition, sport, fashion, seduction, economy.


Thoughts on Fashion
Fashion is about how your mind introduces your body and personality to the world.
Ipse dixit

Fashion is the material chance you have every day to feel well with your self image and the world. You can communicate with others through body language and you can feel comfortable with yourself simply by wearing something, even a perfume, you like. It mainly  goes on your senses and the ones you have more developed and on senses by other people.  Then you have social rules, dealing with fashion issues.

Fashion is also at the base of seduction and no viagra or food will ever make you fall in love or generate sexual attraction. Food can enhance your performances and stimulates senses but the very first beginning is “intellectual”: you see, hear, smell, touch or taste something that provokes your curiosity to go further and activate your body towards sexual action. A glance, a smile, or any relevant detail can be the “quid” the starting point of a relationship or the opening of a crisis.

Managing “love” is also a mater of crisis management as love is a feeling for the long run.
Seduction changes his codes. Seducing in office is very different from seducing in a gym, in a park, in a cocktail bar , on a train or in any place where people meet. Communication is at the base of seduction and fashion is the first tool of contact. If you do not pass the first test for your outfit, you will not easily have access to second step. It is not discrimination, it is affinity and simpathy. Let’s say the if you are not appealing, the important thing is not to be repealing. When you are neutral, you can get nearer and take time. Emotional intelligence and neurolinquistic techniques do not work outside in the Wild, where people are not subject to the same rules. Outside a ruling environment such as an office, it goes more on “basic instincts”, therefore your real You will determine the match. Fashion codes changes. If you do not have dress restrictions and time to observe others, then shocking might be a strategy. If you are in a park, doing your gym, and meet somebody interesting, you do not have a lot of time and chances. In a gym, you might have more chances to see someone more than once. On the working place, you are obliged by the firm to sit next to people and chances are there, every day. Fashion is leading in all cases. You first approach someone physically. Falling in love by email exchange has something Fashion, too, as, maybe, having a certain writing style created in your mind expectations on the outfit, and here we go back to fashion. Even people who declare to love “natural style” they are choosing a specific fashion kind, someone buying bio and organic creams and products, rather than others.

Fashion is about how your mind introduces your body to the world”.
“Beauty will save the world” Fedor Dostoevsky
Have you ever found pleasure in experiencing anything “ugly” or “not accurate” or “ruined” or “not functioning”?Unless your mission is recovery, archeology, rescuing, healing, I guess the answer is “no. Therefore, yes, beauty can save the world, because beauty is a gift you have been given when you were born, but you have to work to keep it all along your life and this requires choices and consistency. Consistency requires motivation and inspiration, endurance, strength and also flexibility.

Beauty is a value.
I could tell stories of many people keeping their beauty notwithstanding material sufferings. If you struggle for beauty, you love yourself. Beauty is more than being healthy and taking care of main physical aspects, it is the aim to look good during time, despite age and troubles, finding new solutions to changements due to time and give up culture. When people say, I wish I will be as you are at your age, you got it: you overcome your limits and your beauty shines out as a value.
Beauty is a very practical aspect of life, that gives immediate pleasure when you feel your body shape or mirror yourself anywhere, feeling comfortable, but beauty requires training and this mixture of abilities can make people commit to their best instead of wasting time otherwise. Beauty gives you freedom, too.
I remember that each time I had an argue with a woman or a man I was listened and my words were meaningful. Why? It was not for my cum laude graduation, it was not for my communication abilities, it was simply because I was healthy and beautiful, therefore it was evident my words were honest and free from any “envy” or “understatements” concern: my words were taken as they were, with their primary intention and meaning. If I had been not healthy, people could have defend simply arguing that my words were not inspired by a balanced person. As far as communication with people is concerned, manners and intentions are more powerful than content itself. Unless you are writing a legal document, a financial analysis, any kind of legally binding script, the real power of wording is in their contest. In this framework, beauty and style become the leading factor. I would not rely on the words of someone who can not manage his own body, as mind is hosted by body and is chemically influenced by his status of health and harmony. Aggressiveness, for instance, is only the wrong transformation of energy. If you practice the right sport or have the right cultural activities, you express that energy in the right direction instead that on the wrong person.

Find your colours
After you have found your body shape, you need to find your colours. Fashion is a lot also about colours and the sight is the most developed sense in the majority of people, therefore shape and colours have priority on smell, taste and touch for sixty per cent of the world. For a simple job interview, the sight, therefore your silhouette and colours, come first.
If you are brown and become blonde, or vice versa, all your image will change, your make-up, even nail lacquer, and clothes. Simply changing the colour of your hair, all your balances will need to change. Your skin will also look differently. It is not only a matter of image, it is the new first impression you give to yourself when you get up and to others. Your mood, also, could change. It happened to me that the first time I became seriously blonde, strangers in street and my strict friends started calling me “BB” standing for “beautiful blonde”. That changed my life. I never went back to brown and slowly started to ask myself why I felt so natural with blond hair. That led me to investigate into my family, almost Mediterranean, who was blonde. To me it was not a matter of trend, but an identity issue: finding my colours I started the journey towards my best me. It may happen also to many other people.

Fashion gives the material chance to identity to express herself.

Whatever is the aspect of fashion you deem more important to you, make up rather than hair or clothes and jewelry, you express your identity through it. Even in the worst moments of my life, I never stopped taking care of my body. I maybe have not well balanced nutrition, sport and fashion, but I never disregarded accuracy and attention to body and I am happy because this attention was rewarding: today I feel so fine to be here writing a book.
Self control itself is an ability.
Being good or bad to everybody is not a solution, learning to change behavior and communication according to situations is an ability and fashion and beauty are functional to this goal. Body is the carrier. Body is the example.
Body stays there,
facing judgement of people and any public situations in silence when mind is anywhere. Body and beauty do not need words, words can enhance and better explain body. For this reason we use the expression: “Body of Evidence”. Misunderstandings are only “in the eye of the beholder”. If people have no analytical ability, they simply should limit to appreciate or not, without interpreting. Body stands there to be publicly appreciated, not interpreted.
Body does not need interpretation, it is the soul, who needs understanding.
For all these reasons, Fashion becomes a leading choice, as it will be the first tool to express yours ideas, it will come before words, your eyes, your face, your style will introduce your words, your intentions, your feelings. No matter if you are in a gym, in supermarket, in an office, in a court: your style will be your business and identity card. Taking care of beauty may seem easy, but is not. Choices take over your present and will shape your future.
You may have money restrictions, you may face lack of opportunities, you may face many uncomfortable obstacles to take care of yourself as you would wish. For this reason, the first ways to beauty are three: knowledge, nutrition and sports. The more you know and keep on informing, the more you will keep your standards high and correct what needs to be improved or be able to find the right direction wasting less time than you would do without studying. There are a lot of products and for commercial reasons, they all are promoted as to be the best ones, but they are not. You have to test them all or learn to understand which one could be the best to you from a limited quantity of information. You can.
Fashion comes from daily training and committment.
Each day you have the chance to test your look, your new make up in order to be ready to choose when you will have a short time or limited Financing. You can not wait for a marriage to have a good dress in your wardrobe, you must have it, ready to be used. You can not wait the first business meeting to have a good business dress, you must have it ready. Fashion is not only about creativity and expressing yourself, Fashion is also the result of training to social relations. If you want to live special experiences, you need to prepare to take them when they are in front of you. You can not lose them because you do not have the dress or because your shape is not the right one. You do not need to have everything, you need to have a good piece for any situation you wish to live.
They call it: “must have”. Defining your style and working on your body will lead you to understand your points of strength and weakness, therefore to define your best list of must have and manage your budget accordingly.
As a coach, I can tell you a list of check to enhance your awareness:
know your numbers: take measures of your body, not only size, height and wrist, you have to understand proportions, therefore how many muscles, bones, water, your neck, shoulders, legs, in order to buy the good shirt for the neck, for the shoulder. You may have the same weight of another person, but a completely different shape for muscles and bones, for a short or long neck, for squared or triangle shoulders, for slim or strong legs. The size is not enough. Sometimes one centimeter can really make the difference.
About your shape and outfit: have a good relationship with the mirror, observe your lines and the way you move and find which tissues, colours and shapes suit you most. If your look is in harmony with your body, you can face also unespected situations;
About social rules and dress code: ask for and respect dress codes, do not pretend to enter anywhere with t-shirts and sneakers, as emotions raise from fashion itself and senses: dress codes create atmosfere as music and taste, do not be the “only note” out of the concert, be one note in the melody;
About dress style and lines: if your budget is limited, you have to choose the most important factor of seduction and decide how to allocate your money. If you have a good shape, you can give less to dresses and invest more in accessories. If your shape is not ideal, then any accessory will compensate or divert attention as needed from the dress. Classic style, the international one, is usually generous to both men and women. Thanks to jackets and shapes, classic style can easily enhance and hide imperfections. On the contrary, when you choose design and trend, your body will be more exposed to sharp lines and judgments. Design can be elevator but it can also put you on the limelight when you are not ready to face it. For this reason Fashion needs training. For both, men and women, face, hands and feet are not secondary details with respect to shoulders, belly and basic body structure and mass. The style you give to them speaks of your nuances beyond the basics, it anticipates the way you will treat others, it tells about the way you spend your time. Many people have nice clean hands, despite heavy jobs, it means they are accurate. Out of classic style, main style lines are two: the oriental way with low soft and comfortable lines or the Nordic stretch tighten and lifting up style. Phylosophically and antropologically speaking they wear the body, highlighting different parts and leading the seduction talk in opposite ways. It is intuitive to understand that the oriental way is based more on communication through rituals, eyes, sensations, and the appeal is not on muscles, rather on potentiality to do whatever, if wanted.

Oriental men and women are very open in intimacy, but the way to intimacy is ritualistic, not impulsive nor fast. In the Nordic way, appeal comes from muscles, shapes, immediate action, limited time, and the main sense is the view.

“Basic instinct”, desire and action without long rituals. As far as fashion is concerned, the oriental way privileges no heels and is great for people having nice upper part of the body, being legs and genitals the negotiated part, that will be given after the ritual. Feet are important, too, and the appeal of the image comes from the comfort given to public around. Orientals look at how soft tissues fall on the body, designing and revealing the shape. The west world fashion model, on the contrary, is immediately impacting, it privileges heels, boobs, back and legs, wanting the person “up” at its best, giving visible enhancing and energizing effects to people from the first sight. Comfort and Energy are the two basic concepts at the base of opposite fashion and seduction styles.
A good skin, a good smile, a good smell, good hair are also basic. Smoking smell can be not appreciated. Shaving is central for men as hair for women. Colours are strategic for both. Colours combinations change all the appearance. Strong colours such as red, electric blue and acid colours create immediate impact. On one side they are easy, on the other side they need personality. If you have weakness you can choose two opposed strategies: Classic to rest comfortable and deal gradually with people, or strong design to divert attention and express yourself through a couple of messages. If someone knows you, define your style. I personally love pearls, bracelets, red or French nails, high heels or sneakers and boots, shorts, scarves, back, curly free hair, no eyeliner. I also love my back and laces. I love my ankles. My style is made of “light points” and laces on basic silhouette and shapes. I rarely wear prints and hard design as my body is athletic and is sculpted itself. If you are very slim, hard shapes are better, if you are overweight you have to choose the right shapes, compensating your abundances.
Walking style also matters. Eating style also matters. Shaking hands also matters. The distance you keep from people when speaking with them also matters. You can say hard words, but if you are physically far, those words will not be so hard, as you are showing respect keeping distance. Anything you say from distance could generate embarrassment, though, as other people may be listening and become uninvited guests to the conversations. On the contrary, if you get too close to whisper simple words, you may cause uncomfortable and defense situations as you entered in that particular personal area where you become intimate with smell, details, even body temperature. Contact is always a personal issue and always generates emotions. Fashion is about style and style is also about communication rules and choices. I personally have a high voice volume. People around me can hear my conversations in public places without coming too near. This is my style. When I am in public I like people to hear and be put in the position to comment or answer without problems. I usually never talk of private issues in public, I usually tell stories about life and love or speak about wellness philosophy, fitness, nutrition, any issue to which anybody listening can freely contribute without generating embarrass to anybody. A smile should be the end of any public conversation. This is my style, in a few words. Usually my topics are coherent with my look: if I do not show lingerie, no reason to speak of seduction without appropriate introduction.
About skin. Skin deserve further attention. It is not only about cleansing, hydration, tonification, bronzage, it is also about spots, aesthetics surgery, scars and tattoos. The law of attraction is very clear, you find yourself comfortable with affinities and feel challenged by diversities, for this reason whatever choice you make with the language of your body, it is important you are aware and you think over the message you want to transfer to others, not only to your personal pleasure. For example I am in favor of aesthetic surgery, though being a completely naturally grown person. I wear a tattoo with maximum comfort and a piercing, too. I am still young and benefit of good Brest, I like my nose and face, but I think it normal to get operated if you do not feel as I feel, naturally. As I work to sculpt my body with integrators and exercise, as I work to sculpt my legs, in principle I think others can surgically improve their aspect. Please, only remember that surgery only makes some structural changes, but the basic stricture is always natural and depends on your nutrition, sport and fashion style. Therefore, you have to ask yourself how much a single surgery detail will impact effectively on your life. Practical tips: when you have limited money, you can still take good care of skin attending spas, creating natural masks with spices and vegetables such as curcuma, lemon, honey, cucumber and ginger, or scrubs with sugar, oils. You can plump your lips with good cream and massage. Pay attention to natural mix as nature can be effective. Do not underevaluate nature mix. For men: if you have problems with your hair, mainly it is a problem of hydration and detoxification, therefore with a good nutrition you should solve your hair problem.
About “boobs”, natural or with surgery?. Decide after having had children, when you are sure your shape is the definitive one. Decide around thirtyfive. I would like to have fully ones, now that I have a sculpted body. Surgical boobs require a sculpted strong body, otherwise they become a sad silicon application to a slim deshidrated body, creating disarmonic contrast and making people spend more time asking whether it is natural or not and taking moral position rather than enjoying it. As I always had nice normal brest, a third measure, losing a bit of filling with age was not a real problem: men never paid too much attention to my Brest and I still hope I can find some filling without surgery. As we have nice ialuronic filler for lips, I hope we soon find some nice filling for brest. The weakness of surgery is that it is personal and static: it is a man who make it, a piece of art, and you can not change with nutrients or sport what you created with surgery. If you have small boobs, you can still play with lingerie and dresses, if you have surgical ones, you’d better have many people appreciating them naked, as under a shirt you can not see the differences so clearly. If you make a tattoo, think carefully to your style, so that you will never be prevented any experience, as you should not take it away.
About hands and nails: hands are important for both men and women. Men must have good nails to have contact with accurate women and have to choose how to manage their rings and bracelets, being ready to explain the meaning of any jewel. A woman always pay attention to these details. Hair on hands, too, are important. A woman could select a man by his having or not having hair on the hands, but she will never say the truth, she will decline with courtesy without explaining why. About women, nails are definetely fundamental for men today. Find your style and show your hands without hesitation, so that a man can select since the beginning if he wants to spend some time with you or not. The truth is that having good natural nails is difficult. Pollution and stress weakens nails. If you take the way of permanent treatment, you will have beautiful nails, but the effect is very artificial and you can not change according to your dresses. At the end, nails will be weaker. If you choose the traditional nail lacquer, you have to learn manicure yourself as you will not have the time to have it always perfect. You also have to find the right nail lacquer for you. In general, small brushes are for people with good firmy hand and good density. Large brushes are for less expert hands and more gelly nail laquers. Red colour is fine with different trademarks, while the smoothing base and light colours vary very much. The top coat is fundamental. Find a good one. Chanel is great. Collistar, too, has good nail lacquers. Mavala has good products for complete health care. You can find good nail laquers in various trademarks, let’s say that certain trademarks are really specialized and any product is fine, while others have one or two good items, therefore you could find one single item that is valuable as it happens with music: one song can be the leading one, while other are complementary.. A nail lacquer is good when it has a good fluidity and it lasts until the end of the container. That is quality: it does not oxidate. Classic colours are light creamy rose and white and deep red. All other colours are seasonal. If you work in a restaurant where lights are high, light and French are the ones.l, if lights are low and it is a cocktail bar, then red nails become interesting. In Hands, in a restaurant are more important than smile. You can serve your client with no smile but perfect hands letting him understand you are doing your job, that is not hooking or entertaining but preparing and serving. If you work anywhere else, it depends on the place itself. The same can be applied to men: waiter and bartender should not have hair on hands. If you have them, keep them away. Hands must be as clean as possible.
Great and affirmed trademarks usually have good products in any area of makeup, with specialization, while new ones, usually, have a one or a couple of products, then the others to complete the production. Dior is for the show: products are for explicit attraction and mainly for light skins. Chanel is for discreet and classic style, great also for Mediterranean skins. Estée Lauder is very American, for “mixed” skin and colours, best for middle age women. Guerlain is mainly for dark skin, Sahara and bronzed ladies, giving light. Yves Saint Laurent is for young ladies, with very seductive style inspired to exotic combinations and contrasts. Lancôme is mainly fresh and delicate, very dolly. Shiseido has combinations for very light skins with oriental style, matte colors mainly, not dimensional. Personally, I change products according to season as my skin is very light in winter and deep bronzed in summer, therefore everything changes. With experience, you will understand your skin type and choose beauty care accordingly.
perfumes can make the difference. I still remember the perfume of my first man and I remember others. You may argue with someone but if you have shared beauties those moments, on the long run, will come back to your mind as moments of pleasure, abstracting from the memory itself. When you are in a closed office, on a metro, just after the gym, perfume speaks of you. Wearing it is already a message: you are open to connection, you are looking for someone, you are entering the space of others through perfumes, it reaches others from far as your voice. The way you wear it, too, speaks about your mood of the day or your character. Certain people wear no perfume at all and smell, smell of smoke or of cooking. Other people have one perfume for all seasons and life, other people have more than one. As I used to work in office, I had three perfumes: one for the office, one for the dinners at any season and one for summer. Now that I do not work in closed rooms and business places, I still have around three perfumes: an easy after gym, and still a dinner one and a summer one. I would have two more, one for spicy nights and one for sensual relaxing nights. When something smells well, then you have a perfume. Bodies have different smell according to methabolism and nutrition. You can change your body smell, changing your metabolism. It is evident when you are ill. The sweating during flue is not the same during sport or laying under the sun. The perfume you buy will change on your skin accordingly. Controlling sweating is a way to a sweet perfume.
There would be really a lot to say about fashion. The only tip I could give is to use every day to take care of your body. Never let go. Each day you have the chance to keep soothed, detoxed, to try a new product, in order to be ready when you do not have time. Each day is a good day for fashion. Between natural ways and chemicals, it is to say that a good mix will lead you to face situations. Natural methods take a very long time to sort visible results and often need the appreciation of people who might not be the one you need. Vice versa, chemicals and design usually have immediate impact on your image and could lead you to quick results. The benefit of nutrion, massages and natural methods is on the long run. If you apply my nutrion method, your skin and hair will improve as you stop eating for taste or sociality, but you first eat to correctly feed your body. The variety of flours and enriched powders of my nutrion method is a guarantee of holistic enhancement. Unfortunately, traditional recipes could be fine, in principle, but, altogether, they do not create the correct background for an enhanced body. Traditional recipes have a cultural and social aim, prevailing on the needs of the body. “Eat what you need”. Try to find taste and sociality within the food you need. Do not sacrifice your body for culture and sociality. “Society” is not a legal entity and will not reward you of the problems of your body, if you disregard its needs for her.
About fashion types
Dresses. When I look at men I see mainly three kinds of: 1) business, 2) sport, 3) casual fashion. If you are business , you have a dress code very appealing and easy but challenging in the way you wear it, so that the mobile phone you use could become part of your fashion style. If you are of the second kind, sport, you’d better express clearly your passion for sport and let hormones reach ladies. If you are of the casual fashion type, good luck, as it is the most difficult way to seduce a lady, as you put her in conditions to decode you through your jeans, rather than your shoes and t-shirt or hairstyle. Very difficult if you expect to be seduced rather than to seduce. While the first two kind of men give clear messages and linguistic codes, the third kind of men gives uncertainty, therefore the action is on him.
There is also a fourth category, the intellectual ones, but unfortunately I do not easily notice them, here, outside, in the Wills.


At the base of fashion, as at the base of cooking, we find “simple” things: tissues, sewings and measures.

Then you have aesthetics: make-up, hair, perfumes and body care.

You can face it both ways: a) starting from measures, therefore working first on fitness and nutrition, or from fashion, therefore b) starting from clothes and Beauty treatments, but for sure you have to find balance in the middle.

When someone asks me for Advisory for nutrition programs, I start the conversation  asking to acquire all antropometric measures, therefore not limiting to standard IMC (body mass index) that I consider the first parameter for health provided by laws of Ministry, height, age, weight, but I also require bones percentage, chest, wrists, even arms, legs and neck.

Yes, even neck, because that measure is important for a good shirt and for dresses cuts. Therefore if you want something more than lose weight and gain a good outfit, you need to eat and train focusing on these measures. You will reach a point where weight will stay “almost the same”, but your body shape and proportion may vary upon your body composition in terms of muscles or water and bones. Final training or dieting can be more challenging as you are now dealing with nuances.

Wellness takes into consideration all these aspects. Wellness is more than being healthy.

Dealing with the global market, unless you learnt your measures by heart, you sometimes need a refresh. Bodies are different across countries and tissues have different performances depending on the body they cover and the model they have been chosen for.

Toughness, elasticity, lightness, transpirancy, heating preserving, dry fitting, H2Out are basic concepts, preliminary to a good choice. To have “a best one” you have to focus on your needs.

The same basic stuff, cotton, silk, wool, can be worked in different ways.

Fashion industry has targets and specializes to fulfill and take care of its clients, therefore buying generic clothes, without attention to use, simply does not helps to nothing more than augmenting confusion.


This is my outfit with different clothes. As a Wellness Coach,  I mainly practice HomeFit. To me, Fashion starts at home. I need to feel comfortable and sexy all day. When I am at home I dress for the comfort of  my day, when I go out I also get dressed to help the relations with others, as fashion plays also an important role in communications and education. Yes, education, because if you pay attention to others and get dressed in accordance with the dress code  of where you are going, you are educating to respect. I do not appreciate those people wanting to have access everything without adapting their outfits, accordingly.

Fashion has also technical aspects. When you practise sports, the style must meet, first, technical requirements. Therefore, sometimes you are fashion not when you are sexy, but when you are technical.