Product Reviews

Wellness is more than being healthy.

Unfortunately not all products respect expectations and it may happen that a dealer, even the one you trust, 1) delivers low quality products, 2) covers original etiquettes with bad translations, 3) refuses to give you sample to test the products, 4) when you want to exercise your rights as consumer he simply says you are wrong because the product complies with minimal laws. It is a jungle and a jingle, where the loser is you, because when it goes on eating, the loser is always and inmediatly you.

For this reason, I wrote my reviews and book.

Unfortunately, My main dealer is good untile you know what you are doing and do not have problems. When it goes on replacements and bonus, it is not trustful. Therefore my first review goes to VitaminCenter: “it is ok, until it is not ok, as they do not have any serious replacements policy of products and cover etiquettes”.

Please, find in this page a selection of products I tested mainly for endurance, therefore for strength, concentration and flexibility for more than one hour performance.

I also test make-up, fitness and sport clothes and cars.

One thing I can do for you, as a coach, is buying the products for you and send them to you.

I would not limit to the ones I tested, but search for new ones and adapt to your needs.

I can integrate also with natural products coming from selected sources, such as sugars, oils. Integrators could be validly assumed also for weight management and other wellness purposes, not only for sport competition.

I am buying from a main store, currently, but I tested products coming also from USA directly, or from other stores as NutrixYou and Decathlon, Drugstore, Pharmacies, Beauty Shops and Supermarkets. Products from Vitamincenter are additionally controlled by the Italian Ministry for Health.

The relation with a coach is based on trust: I would never suggest anything I did not tested nor would I suggest something without looking what is inside the new product. The Client’s feedback is fundamental and I would ask my Clients to be rigorous and give me detailed comment on any issue.

The reviews are in Italian language, but it goes without saying that should you decide to be supported by me, I would provide them in English.