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Practicing many sports, I have professionally been a paralegal, artistically a painter, singer and even a bartender, certified by a course on international bartending for mixology after a life spent on traditional and ethic cuisine. All this lead me to become a Wellness Agent, new kind of professional, advising on multidimensional aspects of life having wellness as focus.

If you feel comfortable with my healthy and simple cooking style, I could sell you my equipments or I could buy them new for you and ship them at your address.

As I am currently based in Rome, shipping outside the city will be mostly with MailBoxes, therefore from 20 to 150 euro upon the weight, packing and destination of the item.

For quick sell, please write to:

Fondue Equipment

You can see here above some special cup battery to share with friends a great evening eating either :

1) fruits with hot chocolate, 2) fish or meat in vegetable soup with sauces; or 3) cheese with bread and fresh or roasted vegetables.

The nice aspect of these simple cooking tool is that usually people have always fun together, as each person has his own fork and, while waiting for his own piece of fruit or meat to be cooked and covered by sauce or chocolate, then conversation flows. It is a “help yourself” way of eating, based on healthy basic ingredients with minimal cooking. You could choose to do it even with special cheese and bread and vegetables. I never assisted to discussions organized around these nice turning cups. Originary from France and Switzerland.

Original ceramic “fondue”

Set for traditional fondue, ceramic based. I can provide you with videos on how to use them for 60 Euro in addition to original price, ingredients included. Shipping with MailBoxes to be defined. Your carrier possible.




This is the traditional steel pasta bike by Atlas used to create pasta variations, mainly egg pasta. Instructions are in International language, including Arabic, Japanese. Shipping, excluded, will be with mail boxes.I could support you with personal assistance. You may ask me to make a demo movie to show you how to use it for a total price of 149 euro. Should you need more recipes than the one included on this blog, I could provide you with specific recipes and videos, each video 60 additional euro.


Sporting pack

Thank you for buying my ordering service for basic package, comprising: 1) oat powder, 2) rice flour, 3) egg white, 4) cinnamon, 5) cocoa powder, 6) coconut butter and pumpkin oil, 7) peanut butter, 8) oat grains, 9) seeds mixed, 10) casein protein powders. For different products, please let me analyze your case and select the best products for you.