Dear All,

I have been an artist before becoming a Wellness Coach.

I have been a painter of oil on canvas and a researcher. I attended even a course on international bartending for mixology after a life spent on traditional cuisine.

I am currently selling some items of fashion, jewelry and of my furniture including a mountain bike for collection purposes. Wellness is a multidimensional experience. Each sense has its importance in a certain moment and life is about what you remember, not what you forget. You might keep an object for affection or sell it for the same reason. Wellness is connected to e-motions.

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My primary shop is on ChiM.Shop. I am preparing also BWay.Shop. A matter of time.

As I am currently based in Rome, shipping outside the city will be mostly with MailBoxes, therefore from 20 to 150 euro upon the weight, packing and destination of the item.

For quick sell, write to

The official shop is currently under construction, therefore you can find more information in the shop on the Italian Blog.

Fashion Clothes

IT: Indossati una sola volta. Modello maschile alla turca, vita bassa, tasche laterali ancora cucite. Made in Italy. Comprati nel 2017. Ideali per cerimonia serale o diurna. Valorizzano caviglia e punto vita. Scenografici. Vendo perché larghi e non adatti al mio stile di vita. Non ho tenuto etichetta oroginale. Spedizione a carico del cliente, oppure MailBoxes circa 20 euro.

ENG. Blu girl trousers. Shipping from Rome with MailBoxes. Used only once. Rare model. For details,

HealthyCooking with Stone and Heating

In Italy we use this kind of cooking for kind of express brad not needing oven. The plough is cooked thanks to heating conveyed by a special firestone (“pietra refrattaria”). The colours you see are due to natural cooking and the Stone has been cleaned only with water and bicarbonate for safety reason. Pure firestone absorbs. No chemical is allowed on pure fire stone.

OLMO Made in Italy 1983, one of the first mountain bike for ladies with Shimano. Great conditions. I tested it recently. Ideal for competition with hystorical equipment such as “Eroica” in province of Siena, Italy.