Protein Paradise

It all starts with the shopping list

My book is ready. Some grammar to be checked.

You can preorder it, send me an email to In the mean time you can taste contents and style, as speaking of nutrition and sport without becoming boring is a challenge.

Please be patient, as I am managing my first book mainly alone!

“We are what we eat” UNO statement

“We are what we absorb” TED Talkings Conference

Your future starts  within the shopping list” (ipse  dixit)

True, we are what we eat and absorb not only in terms of food but of culture. According to an ancient saying, our body is the result of what we did in the past up to our present. Our heart and mind will shape the future.


Basing on these simple assumptions from physics and philosophy, having a look to my life and wanting to create benefit from my experiences, I started writing these thoughts as much as scientific as possible, still with a narrative and fair reading style.

I created a nutrition method inspired to proteins for sports practitioners, whose main principles are valid for a wide range of people and can be easily customized.

If you are interested to my method and recipes, you can read what is free in this blog and, if you feel comfortable with my approach, you can write an email with your specific needs and receive a customized PDF with customized recipes. Prices will vary from 60 to 500 euro should you require also video showing how to cook.

Please, write to: and be as specific as possible.

Italian version introduction, soon available in English. You can preorder it.

Basic recipes tailored to your needs

You will buy aeeds and have your personalized book. IT: Grazie per avere scelto di acquistare un ricettario bilanciato e tarato sulle sue esigenze. Scriva una email dettagliata con le sue esigenze e riceverà un ricettario basato sulle sue specifiche esigenze alimentari (vegetariano, vegano, onnivoro, con intolleranze) tutte bilanciate nel rispetto di una dieta sportiva. Ricette classiche da me modificate o di mia personale cr scegliere un pacchetto di n.5 ricette fra dolce, salato, cocktail, misto.