For all services a preliminary conversation shall be paid at the basic rate of 50 euro.
During the conversation the main points shall be faced.
For those who do not wish to pay the preliminary conversation for any reason, they shall send a detailed email or message with all the needs to get a fast free answer on the feasibility of the deal. An answer is not due or guaranteed without payment.
For anonymous payments, the Clients shall activate an online card for web purchases at or

Personal Training – The service comprises an analysis of the current activity and the planning of a new fitness plan for weight management, postural needs,  body sculpting, performance and endurance enhancing. Training exercises can be explained personally, in your gym, at home or by videos. The service comprises technical advisory on equipments such as spinning bike or any technical aspect related to wellness within sport. Music is comprised in the service. Changing or finding the right music can chane your mood.

Personal Nutrition – The service comprises the Design of a nutrion plan for your goals and the teaching of new way of cooking for the purposes. The teaching can be at elected domicile or by video. The service comprises shopping food for you both on the web or personally in a specific shop and the delivery at your elected address.

Personal Shopper And Clothing Restyling – The service comprises both evaluation of your old clothing and companionship to buy new clothes or shopping online and at distance. Support on fashion comprises perfumes, hair, skin and body shape Advisory.

Companionship at Spa, Gym, sport events and fashion dinners – The service comprises simple companionship with the quality of an intimate dinner. The client can express his preferences on the dress code and other details that might be necessary to create a wellness experience within a dinner. The service comprises sport services such as car sexy wash,  personal driving and any sport experience sharing.

Stress management – The service comprise analysis of the causes of the situation and individuation of any possible solution with no limits on the possible issues causing stress, from the living standard to habits and environment. Nutrition is often the main cause, but environment usually plays an important role. Bad habits and personal relations contributes to stress. Solutions might be technical and simpler as you may imagine. Wellness is a matter of awareness and empowerment.

Scouting – The service comprises the search of other professionals in any field of expertise for your goals  in accordance with your needs, both on the web and in any place. Wellness is a wide concept.