Music for Mind Feeding

How and why music plays a key role in daily life routine. … More Music for Mind Feeding


  Impossibile tradurre in italiano, con una sola ed efficace parola, l’ormai mondiale “planking” che, derivante da “plank”, – tavola, panca, fasciame,- descrive il movimento che compiamo  con il nostro corpo, mettendoci per terra appoggiati sui gomiti e sulle punte dei piedi in posizione di tensione statica, proprio come una tavola. Il mondo del fitness … More Planking

Up toning coffee

Very easy, very energetic, very tasty! Simply prepare a tough cream with a good vanilla protein powder, put it in the freezer for ten minutes to refresh as a dessert. Then take it out and add pure cocoa bitter powder, grated hazelnuts, peanuts or coconut and chestnut honey. Finally, add a good warm coffee on … More Up toning coffee

About Alcohol

Alcohol simply comes from the fermentation of sugar. Alcohol is at all effects a narcotic stuff. Each  drug has its characteristics and specific impact. Differently from others, it comes from  natural processes, fermentation, distillation and aging, that mediates his journey to brain. It is never  taken pure, as it is usually a component of other fluids, … More About Alcohol

Food testing

During these months I have been making some tests, trying new food and new recipes without specific knowledge before testing. This means I put myself at risk. On one side I tested: 1) protein powder desserts; then 2) new vegetables; then 3) spirits. Yes, at risk, because vegetables can be toxic. Nature is not always … More Food testing

Happiness strategy n. 1. : understanding you are a recipe

The way to wellness leads to happiness. As soon as you will have found your way to Wellness, you will shortly have access to your deep expectations and happiness. It is always a matter of “chemistry” and “physics”, but the great news is that you do not need an academic title to understand it, as, … More Happiness strategy n. 1. : understanding you are a recipe