How to use ricotta: sweet and salty desserts

With a good buffalo or sheep ricotta (more salty) or cow (more neutral milk taste), which when it is really fresh is very soft, just put the ricotta in a nice bowl and cover it with your best honey and dried fruits. The Buffalo and sheep ricotta are known to be more digestive, but if … More How to use ricotta: sweet and salty desserts

About Fasting

Fasting in contemporary society is almost a scientific issue and must be treated as a complex topic. Fasting for people doing  no activity  One of the greatest points about weight loss is what you do. It is easy to make people losing weight making them practicing sport. If, for any reason, you are obliged to … More About Fasting

Food testing

During these months I have been making some tests, trying new food and new recipes without specific knowledge before testing. This means I put myself at risk. On one side I tested: 1) protein powder desserts; then 2) new vegetables; then 3) spirits. Yes, at risk, because vegetables can be toxic. Nature is not always … More Food testing

Cooking all in one

Many people need to eat everything in one solution, wasting as less time as possible in washing before and after, cutting and cooking, calculating seconds. When you have children or family, preparing food may become a ritual and a moment to speak of the day or to play a kind of domestic save-the-date. When you … More Cooking all in one