How to create or enrich your basic proteins for mass gaining and endurance

It is all very simple. Take your milk for babies, naturally enriched with vitamins and enzymes, or take other proteins on the market, and add your magic mix of grated nuts (containing proteins and carbs). You can add grated coconut and almonds. Peas, chickpeas can not be added as they need cooking. They would be … More How to create or enrich your basic proteins for mass gaining and endurance

My bank details

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My veggies shortlist

Vegetables are a lot, but I selected only some which are very versatile and rich both in taste and properties. –avocados (all seasons, ideal for smashed sauces, full of Omega 3 and useful fats ) – cucumber (fresh in slices for combinations with Kebap and red meats, or for smoothies and skin) – white cauliflower … More My veggies shortlist

Travelling short list

Travelling all around I often admired Americans, as they were capable to stay outside for months with only a luggage. How was that possible? Shoes needs space, fashion items need space. Therefore I started to think to the best suitcase and finally I got to it. Washing the essential and combinations are the key factors.  … More Travelling short list

About Fasting

Fasting in contemporary society is almost a scientific issue and must be treated as a complex topic. Fasting for people doing  no activity  One of the greatest points about weight loss is what you do. It is easy to make people losing weight making them practicing sport. If, for any reason, you are obliged to … More About Fasting

Sweet Protein Powders

With protein powders you can easily create mousses. Tasteful and full of protein for your hardest and strict training days when you want to have something sweet, but not want to compromise your training results. Simply: choose a good whey protein powder vanilla flavored and correct the flavor per your taste, for example adding cocoa … More Sweet Protein Powders