How to make cold and hot cappuccino with proteins

How to make cold and hot cappuccino: 2 measure (gr 40×2) of valuable whey vanilla Proteins slow release or casein (Scitec, Watt) 1 measure (40 gr) of Instant coffee (Nescafé for milk or Illy classic) Shake separately the coffee and the proteins, then add the proteins to coffee in order to keep the nice foam … More How to make cold and hot cappuccino with proteins

My veggies shortlist

Vegetables are a lot, but I selected only some which are very versatile and rich both in taste and properties. –avocados (all seasons, ideal for smashed sauces, full of Omega 3 and useful fats ) – cucumber (fresh in slices for combinations with Kebap and red meats, or for smoothies and skin) – white cauliflower … More My veggies shortlist

Contemporary drinks

Contemporary drinks for fasting and energy  People who can not drink alcohol, are not condemned to renounce to tasty soft drinks. You do not need to be a bartender or to go to a cocktail bar to have a good drink. Some combinations are magic and can be realized at home. Just try the following: … More Contemporary drinks

About Fasting

Fasting in contemporary society is almost a scientific issue and must be treated as a complex topic. Fasting for people doing  no activity  One of the greatest points about weight loss is what you do. It is easy to make people losing weight making them practicing sport. If, for any reason, you are obliged to … More About Fasting

Food testing

During these months I have been making some tests, trying new food and new recipes without specific knowledge before testing. This means I put myself at risk. On one side I tested: 1) protein powder desserts; then 2) new vegetables; then 3) spirits. Yes, at risk, because vegetables can be toxic. Nature is not always … More Food testing

Nutrition strategy n.9 – what you can do with protein powders

Life is long and diets are effective for a limited time, when objective oriented. For the rest of the time, you need to choose how to deal with your nutrition needs in any moment and in any place. Therefore you need to take decisions, such as: “what do I eat when I really need something … More Nutrition strategy n.9 – what you can do with protein powders