Yoga per principianti

Mi è stato chiesto di scrivere un articolo sullo yoga per principianti. Compito impegnativo, in quanto c’è abbondanza di letteratura su questo argomento. Cercherò di essere il più concisa ed efficace possibile. Prima di tutto: perché avvicinarsi allo yoga invece che fare esercizi di stretching? E perché integrare fitness o altri sport con lo yoga? … More Yoga per principianti

Yoga for beginners

I’ve been asked to write on yoga for beginners according to my experience. Challenging task, as there is plenty of literature on this topic. I will try to be as concise and effective as possible. First of all: why approaching yoga instead of stretching? Why integrating fitness or other sports with yoga? The answer is … More Yoga for beginners

Yoga with weights

I’ve been surfing the web in all directions to find a kind of training I’ve been practising for more than one year with incredible results, and the only similar reference I could find is on YogaDownload and it is called Yoga with Weights.  Well, it is similar. I used to put weights to ankles and … More Yoga with weights