“Wellness is more than being healthy”


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Almost at end my book “Away to Wellness” with strategies body based for wellness achievements in our contemporary society.

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TheBodyWay is a method

The recent death of the great physician Stephen Hawking (dead 76 and suffering of SLA since 21) and his theories on evolution of the universe in time, from BigBang to blackholes, theorizing scientifically the Greek philosophical intuition of “clinamen” in the paradox of information, makes me better explain my point of view on “TheBodyWay”.

He showed how your Mind can expand beyond your physical limits, not only in terms of space, but also of abilities.

Athletes injured by incidents already shows the power of the mind in body rehabilitation and body shows what a mind can do.

The paradox in Stephen Hawkings is that his mind needed to expand to universe to compensate the lack of his body, prisoner of the Sla. He fought all his lifelong giving birth to great theories, as athletes shows the miracle performances of injured bodies pushed beyond the medical limits. The point is that scientists assess the situations and make provisions interpreting the assessed situation in the light of past findings and of possible developments, to be ascertained right during development itself.

This means they can not really predict future and the human challenge lays exactly here: what if you try “anyway”, “despite the predicted”?. The Body is the secret key.

The Body itself is a universe, still unknown and always in evolution, in connection with mind.

This connection shows very clearly in extreme cases: human is a unity and body and mind compensate themselves. In worst cases they depress, in better cases they enhance one another. A champion arrives to his final performances thanks to body and mind, as an ill person can fight against illness with different strategies. In both cases you are talking of “the extreme”. Nutrition being always the base, as well as breathing a pure air, rather than polluted, then one thing you are sure of is your body, as it is more easily measurable and defined in terms of numbers. It is hard to measure mind. Notwithstanding the most modern theories enhancing memorizing or developing concentration and other mental abilities, you are not sure of what really happens inside your brain, but you are sure of how you feed it throughout your body, your emotions and experiences.

For this reason, my wellness method starts from the “humble” point of “materia”: the body. Despite Platone and the “Royalty of ideas”, as far as individual is concerned, I go for Aristoteles and the “pragmatic way”.

As awkward it might seem in the Technological era, where virtual realities can really become a real fortune, when speaking of Wellness and of Individuals, I find immediate and needed answers in the body, the temple of the mind.

A mind can not always think brilliantly if material conditions always fail. Mind’s brightness is “something more”, a “plus”, that can be depressed by the wrong chemical inputs from body and environment, therefore body plays a key role in supporting mind brightness  in the worst environment conditions.


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Wellness is more than being healthy.

Yoga and Fitness practices, nutrition, communication and self-awareness coaching tips, fashion and make-up or outfit included.

The thoughts and actions of a lady at a middle-age turning point, soon available also in English.

You can ask for any kind of advisory. My approach is holistic, as for a simple weight management you might need to work on stress management, firstly, than to attain to a strict diet or training program. Situation are structured and my aim is to make them become simple, to reach new standards, new goals or to perform the same actions in a more fulfilling way.


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Consulenze Wellness online e di persona: alimentazione e attività fisica, oltre a consulenze su fashion e temi relazionali correlati al benessere.


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Mi propongo come Wellness coach, non come “medico specialista”.

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