Integration and integrators, fashion with sport and nutrition

Usually, fashion is the main mean of communication for women, while body and technology are the main communication tools for men. It often happens that very technological men feel attracted by very fashion ladies and very fashion ladies feel attracted by men surrounded by the last glamourous technology. In the middle you find people attracted … More Integration and integrators, fashion with sport and nutrition

Legs sculpting

In women, legs are the most diplomatic part of the body and the most honest one. You can show legs in many official circumstances without breaking social rules or hurting any sensibility and you can show legs since a child until you are aged. Unless you have vein problems to be healed, legs can be … More Legs sculpting

My Breakfast

My breakfasts are usually very rich. I have two kind of breakfast and alternate them: an energizing one, based in coffee, and a detoxing antioxidant one, based in ginger and lemon, depending on what I have to do during the day or on what I did the day before. When I go coffee, I simply: … More My Breakfast

Up toning coffee

Very easy, very energetic, very tasty! Simply prepare a tough cream with a good vanilla protein powder, put it in the freezer for ten minutes to refresh as a dessert. Then take it out and add pure cocoa bitter powder, grated hazelnuts, peanuts or coconut and chestnut honey. Finally, add a good warm coffee on … More Up toning coffee

Extract from my book

Whether you agree or not, here you will have a vivid extract of the contents of my book. Enjoy the reading and write me for any valuable reason at: *** About detoxing, fasting and spirits Detoxing should have its time. Drenating should have its time and ways. This is primary an enhancing method, healing … More Extract from my book