Writing this blog is very challenging as, in the technological era, where everybody can potentially become an “influencer”, when you speak of issues relating to scientific issues, such as nutrition or anatomy or biotech, you have a responsibility. You are not telling the story of your life, you are not influencing towards alternative fashion colors, you are giving life advisory.

You could spread misleading information.

As I started my researches at the university time in 2001, writing on biotechnologies and biodiversity, and as I come from a culture strongly rooted in food economy, I will publish on this page some of the contradictory sources I find in the web, so that my Readers will have the chance to take decisions responsibly and make some steps ahead towards their personal awareness, improvement and wellness.

The World seems to be divided into two: the ones needing certification for everything and the ones hoping to make business infringing patent to others, stealing ideas, coping design.

Despite any reasoning on money invested in marketing and research and brand building to give to consumer a sense of security and safety, I deems the West World would need to be stronger and delete its internal contradictions before fighting enemies who only can marginalize from copying. If the West World really wants to stand out as example and “rule” the world, than it should make rid of false certifications or lobbies interests, damaging “the truth”.

Certifying the quality of abilities and technologies is something serious that can not be left to corruption and corporations interests only to share or divide markets and wealth distribution as the boundaries of states.

Lobbies can spread a feeling of mistrusts.

This is called geopolitical economy.

About Microwaves

Italy is the country that tourists choose for “food tourism”, but even in Italy people discuss about simple issues such as “microwave oven”. No need to discuss of biotech and OGM, a microwave oven can divide people.

According to “” and to “La Cucina Italiana” for instance, microwave is great, healthy and can validly integrate, becoming even fundamental, other cooking tools in professional kitchen. The short way becoming fundamental to speed up “regular and traditional cooking” in the preparation of traditional recipes. According to, “Il corriere della sera” (famous newspaper) explains which are the 11 foods not to be microwaved , motivating. I made my tests. The food completely changes its structure. I think the problem is exactly where they say it is not a problem. The microwaves “completely delete the space between different stuff“. That is, in my opinion, the chemical problem.

Choose the right cooking tool for your preferred recipe. It all goes on fluidity of the glue, on the flour your choose, on how much egg white you add or not. Despite my recipes, you can find yours. Do not add yeast and keep within the two or three spoons of honey. A few oil or butter needed.

About microwaves: when it goes on technology I feel very serious. Technology is impacting and can make the difference. I do not recommend microwave for the for its physic principle, the waves themselves penetrating and compacting nutrients, in fact microwave oven is not suggested to cook eggs and fluid dough with water, nor vegetables themselves. Protein shall keep their main structure and be destructured inside the body.

Food shall not be compacted as nail lacquer or street pavement. Food shall keep nutrients, as much as fresh as possible. It is on body the job to disassemble, starting from chewing and generating digestive fluids. Any nutritionist will confirm you that during digestion your body burns calories. Living itself, even breathing, is a burning calories activity: you need energy even to perform your breath and let your heart pumping blood. For all these simple reasons, right food combinations and cooking can make you loose weight or enhance, by simply fostering your metabolism, in other words, by making you not only burn more calories, but also the right ones, to perform the same actions. Cooking is like sewing or building a house: you need the right tools to transform materia. Materia matters. Bricks matters, glued, oil, matters.

I made a lot of tests with different flours and the successful ones where under my standards with respect to cooking on the plate.

In addition, a good reason not to use microwave oven is that so many tests were wrong: despite official declarations, my impressions is that those waves compromise food. Notwithstanding this, as per scientific results, you will not get immediately hurt from using it, therefore it is simply a matter of how “orthodox” you want or need to go with your eating style.

Using the grill option, however, that is more like a small oven, you can create at least a kind of Catalan cream in only fifteeen minutes.

About oven: oven is nice and great for traditional bakery, and too long for this method, that is designed for people having even not space in the kitchen for a big oven. You could use this method in a wood house in the mountains or on a boat with small cooking corner or in the city in a small apartment. A plate and a covering is all you need.

About pressure pan: if you do not have a pressure pan, you can simply use water and a covering to cook with steam.

With this method vegetables are eaten fresh or roasted or in smoothie form, therefore cut and mixed up. When steamed, ten minutes in the plate with a bit of water and a covering are enough as vegetables are never to be completely cooked.

About other cooking tools: if you love muffins and plum cakes and can not manage oven, you can find in commerce at a great price, cooking plates having the shape with antiadherent stuff designed for muffin. They are simply great. Heating itself cooks. With a good antiadherent stuff, you can reduce the oil you need to cook.

If you give heating on both sides of the glue, you have a great cooking with pumping effect. I had great results trying even with firestone for traditional recipes. You are not obliged to create crepes, you can create biscuits and plumcakes. Time will be a bit Longer, but if you have it, then keep the combinations and vary quantities as necessary

About etiquettes

It is evident in the food and gastronomy industry where there are sometimes too many, other times not existent rules. All the debate on biological legislation seems to be only a lobby interest when facing etiquette by worldwide known Campari.

It says nothing about ingredients. You do not know what you are drinking. It literally says it is an “infusion of herbs, in accordance with an ancient recipe”. Any European Union discipline on agriculture becomes ridiculous and seems to be a way to steal money to people to pay someone saying you have to throw away milk per quotes (“quote latte” issue).

You also have the doubt that scientists have been paid to declare that adults are intolerant to milk, for the simple reason that milk from cows is not the same of human milk. You are adult, not a baby. It seems to me obvious you can now drink milk from other animals, rather than from your mother, accepted that some children do not even have the privilege to eat their mother milks and have to eat artificial milk.

It all seems a big legally corrupted system to make some lobbies earn more than others.

Any legislation on pharmaceutical rather than bio/ vegan/ natural / para-pharmacy becomes unconconsistent. If the ONU states “we are what we eat”, we need to know what there’s inside bottles in bars. It is easy to understand that there is a war. The third war is happening every day, but we do not realize it because it is not with traditional weapons.

What we eat, matters as it will go into our blood, muscles, brain. Health and intelligence are not only a matter of genetics and education. It also goes on what you eat.

So, do you have any nutrition philosophy? Who do you believe when you put a fork in your mouth?

If someone is allergic on a certain herb, how could he know what is really drinking?

About Ginger (Zenzero)

I found contradictory information. On one side, Italy warns against the use in pregnancy, while USA encourages. I personally go for the American view as I am asking myself: “what would Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco suggest against nausea instead of Zenzero? A chemical?”. Please, “”, you are kindly ask to give more information and not to stop at a denial. Please,, you are kindly asked to give your readers an explanation for “dosi massicce” and an alternative natural solution or a chemical solution to nausea, otherwise false enemies or false worries might be generated among people. We do not want to live in a culture of fear, at least, personally, living in “undefined threatens” does not match my life style.

About Face Yoga Method

As a Yoga practitioner I can assess many benefits of yoga, even on face muscles, as the Asanas flow involves also neck and face, even throat.

During stretching headstand your throat gets cured from cronical issues. Moreover, as make up artists would confirm, face is made by muscles that they massage while applying make-up, therefore the principle itself of doing gym with muscle face to procrastinate age effects makes sense.

Unfortunately, I felt disappointed when I found the advertisement of the Face Yoga Method taking advantage of next promised queen UK, Megan Markle. The lady is too young to be a valid testimonial of the method and I find very immoral that someone sharing ethic and natural methods of yoga uses these commercial strategies. Very immoral. Testimonials for this method should be over 40 years old, even over 50 depending of the effective status of the art before the treatment. I would add that comparative advertising is necessary in these cases: people need to see the “before and after“. Therefore I showed publicly and directly my criticism, that you can check hereunder. I am under the account “bodyandsoul_fit“.

I am seriously concerned about an Italian site on health, speaking of “sudden and unforeseen heart block” (infarto improvviso senza sintomi) as the site, 1) does not mention drugs, 2) does not speak of nutrition, 3) is dangerously contradicting about alcohol: on one side it says not to abuse, in the same paragraph it says that you can anyway drink one glass of wine each day as it helps.

Incredible! One glass a day is too much.

It is too easy to say “do not abuse” without defining abuse as it is too easy to say “one glass a day”. Today, 4 March 2018, a 31 years old football player, Davide Astori, died for sudden heart block.

Maybe this player was stressed, too much under pressure and his heart blocked?

Strange. When you are up there, you are trained to be there. Maybe doctors under-evaluate some aspects and competition is too hard?

I am sure one glass of wine can be too much if you need to perform.

One glass of wine a day is acceptable only in case you are leading a normal life, with normal office job, with ripetitive habits, going to bed before 2.00 and sleeping regularly 7 hours, having your regular remuneration, sex and children, booking your holiday 6 months in advance, paying each months installments to banks in the same date, leaving home half an hour in advance to find regular parking in the city. If you are this kind of person, then you can drink one glass of wine a day without compromising your health but simply needing to watch out for weight balance and your brain, as wine weakens brain brightness. Again, if you do not need to do anything special with your brain and regularly pay fines and taxes, no problem.